Manufacturer's Representative


Fasteners, Fastener Installation Tools, Enclosure Hardware, Metal Fabricating Equipment, and Subcontracting Services


Manufacturer's Representative supporting Arizona, New Mexico, and Clark County, Nevada

Quarter-Turn Swinghandles


Fastening Technology

Multi-Point Latches




Cable Management

Cover Supports & Cover Stays


Mechatronic Locking Solutions

Accessories for Aluminum Profiles: Leveling Feet, Hinges & Fittings, T-Slot Nuts, etc.


Enclosure Hardware: Hinges, Swing Handles/Product Systems, Door Stays, Quarter Turns, Clip on Gaskets/Seals, etc.


Access Control and Monitoring Systems: Electronic Latches

Ball Bearing Slides

Solid Bearing Slides

Bottom Mount Slides

Cabinet & Rackmount Accesssories

Wireline Outside - Plant Mounting Posts

Multipurpose Communication Shelter

Kwik-Lok Pins

Threaded Inserts

Fastener Hardware

Spring Loaded Devices

Toggle Clamps

Hand Wheels



Keystone Fastening Technologies

keystone fastening technologies

Welding Studs

Capacitor Discharge Equipment

Stud Welding Systems

CNC Production Equipment

Specialty Fasteners

Custom Parts & Welding Services

Captive Fasteners

Quick Access Fasteners

Panel Fasteners


Aerospace Inserts


Custom Products

Industrial Rivet and Fasteners Co.

Industrial Rivet and fastener Co.

Broad Line of Commercial/Industrial Rivets and Tooling: blind, solid, semi-tubular, split, self-piercing, shoulder, Riv-nuts, structural, long length, open-end, multi grip. 


Automated tooling: blind, solid, semi-tubular, self-piercing


Custom application

Plastic Extrusion Profiles:

     Custom Profiles

     Plastic Tubing

     Custom Die Development



Unittool Punch & Die Co., Inc.

unittool Punch & Die Co., inc.

Unitized Tool Systems for your current brake press

Unitized Tool Systems with on board intensifier

Hole Punching/Shearing/Notching

Flat part stamping/Formed Molded Parts/Tube & Pipe/Aluminum Extrusions

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